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Re: Micro four thirds " deep prime " thread ....

Hi everybody

Your thread just gave me the idea. In 2009 with the E-30 in Venice at night some pictures gave me a headache and I never forgot that.

So I opened up one of these troublemakers to give it a try with deep prime. Keep in mind I made this test on the fly. Especially the color toneing is very different from the one I (uncarfully) developed in Lightroom and Photoshop. I spent more time on the DxO version in Lightroom.

First, developed in Lightroom and "denoised" in Photoshop:

Second: Denoised in Deep Prime, developed in Lightroom, JPG-ed in Photoshop:

I tried another version in Topaz Denoise, Low light, Auto:

Well, see for yourself.




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