M1 Mac Mini (16GB, 1TB) with 43" 4K HDR Samsung TV in scaled mode

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Re: M1 Mac Mini (16GB, 1TB) with 43" 4K HDR Samsung TV in scaled mode

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MtnBikerCalif wrote:

What are the downsides to using a TV as a monitor. It certainly seems cheaper than any monitor.

If I calculated correctly, the TV is 103 ppi compared to 218 ppi for the 27" Retina iMac.

For a big TV neck strain swiveling your head back and forth to see the whole screen.

some TVs use flicker to fake dimming so that could be an eyestrain/headache issue for some. rtings has a nice write up on the best TVs to use for monitors:


Thank you, review talks about tradeoffs. I'm currently using a 24" 4K monitor with my 27" iMac, so the swiveling should be less. It's a bit of overkill and unwieldily, but I had the 24" before the iMac and I'm thinking of what comes next—I'm waiting to see what else is released this year in Apple Silicon.

A 32" seems about right for me. Hoping for a 32" iMac but maybe I won't want to spend that much. One screen would require better organization. It's easy to put something on the second monitor and use most of the screen for another app.

But I also use a 2013 MBP at the kitchen table and for travel (which will happen again) and certainly won't replace both the iMac and the MBP at the same time.

> One screen would require better organization.

Especially one 4k screen without scaling.  I'm looking at apps like moom, magnet and rectangle to make up for macos's lack of a "fancy zones" tool (MS windows powertoy).

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