MBA to Macbook Pro, but which one?

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Re: MBA to Macbook Pro, but which one?

Jacques Cornell wrote:

kwahaus wrote:

As the owner of a M1 MBA (16GB/1TB) I can highly recommend it. Awesome machine. Only issues I have now (and nothing that I didn't know at the time of purchase) is only two ports, no support for a second monitor and waiting on developers (Adobe) to ship M1 native apps. Zero regrets and would do it again tomorrow. standard computer advice still stands. First, never buy a computer before you HAVE to (always something better/cheaper down the road). And second, when you do, buy AS MUCH computer as you can afford.

I generally try to buy only as much computer as I need right now. Buying for 5 years down the road is much more expensive than buying for two years and then upgrading two years later. Same with camera bodies. You pay through the nose for a bleeding-edge top-of-the-line unit that in a few years is eclipsed by an entry-level model.

Case in point: 2 years ago, I paid $2500 for a used 2013 Mac Pro that was pretty much one of the the fastest Macs you could buy. A few months ago, I replaced it with a $1099 Mac mini that's 2x faster on my key workflow bottleneck. Had I bought a 2019 Mac Pro for $5k, I'd be kicking myself hard right now.

I tend to agree. It's like the forecourt 'tax' when you buy a new car (the value of the car drops massively as soon as you drive it off the dealership forecourt).

Knowing that Apple devices in general have a longer useful life and I don't need bleeding edge, I tend to buy refurbished or used around a generation behind current. I know it's still going to last a long time and be plenty powerful enough and I've let someone else take the hit of buying brand new and upgrading a year later.

Same with cameras. Actually, a lot of stuff I buy is secondhand come to think of it, guitars, amps, effects, furniture etc. There's some great bargains out that will serve you well if you don't need the latest and greatest.

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