Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

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Re: Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

ayolos wrote:


I tested different lenses and i noticed they have all a different rendering.

my favorites renderings comes from CY lenses, canon L lenses (like 135 L) and fuji 35mm 1.4. each in a different way.

fuji 35mm 1.4 is close to 3D CY rendering but with more sharpness and less colors. each have their signature.

my question is, if i like the rendering of the 35mm 1.4 and the zeiss rendering, which lenses form fuji (or adaptaded metabones CY?) do you recommend for other FOV).

I read that a lot of fuji lenses that have a clinical look. i don't like clinical, i want character and art. 35mm 1.4 combien sharpness and art to my mind.

what other lenses in the lineup share this capacity? zoom or prime.

i tried 27mm 2.8 and 18-55mm. for me 27mm was flat but 18-55 had a little character, but not like fuji 35 1.4 or CY lenses.

When it comes to Fuji lenses the 50/1 and the 60/2.4 macro both have similiar "magic" to that of the 35/1.4.

Another lens available for Fuji X that definitely has "magic" is the Mitakon 35/0.95. It has beautiful color rendering and a wonderful bokeh. I would even say that it has more character than any Fuji lens.

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