"Bad" copy of PL 12mm f1.4 "fixed"... try at your own risk!

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"Bad" copy of PL 12mm f1.4 "fixed"... try at your own risk!

*** Firstly... try at your own risk! ***

I have a Panaleica 12mm f1.4 that was soft on the LHS... about poorest kit lens type soft, or worse, at f1.4. The centre and RHS is superbly sharp. Lenstip's review found the same but theirs was soft on the RHS I think.

I remembered reading an article by Roger Cicala of Lensrentals about "bad" copies. He said that sometimes factory service centres "tap" a lens back into alignment. I tapped my lens held at an angle on the edge of the lens mount a few times and rotated about 30° a time and kept repeating until a couple revolutions completed. I used a wooden board, a breadboard will do, to avoid too harsh a shock. I also tapped sharply but not destructively... maybe as hard, or slightly harder, than dropping a lens from a couple inches onto the wood, but its difficult to quantify/ describe.

Lens mounted and tested... no change.

A few weeks later, I thought about it again and this time tapped around the front/ filter mount.

Lens mounted and... amazingly, all is good!!!

I was at the point of wanting to flick the lens along to someone else, and now am perfectly happy. It is indeed a lovely lens when working properly.

Interestingly, my "fix" has had the same type of success my national Olympus service centre had adjusting my Oly 25 1.2 Pro... a superbly sharp RHS very slightly degraded after adjustment, but a LHS vastly improved... so both sides good to very good in sharpness afterwards... up from distinctly soft on the LHS.

In another win, I bought a second copy of the Panasonic 14-140 f3.5-5.6... the first time I have ever done this. The second copy is spot on... no weird softness (patchy smearing) at some focal lengths towards the edges. It is now a surprisingly good superzoom... noticably better than the Oly 14-150 I once tried.

I thought you all would be interested to hear my experience. But do not blame me if you try it and break or damage a lens!

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