FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

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Re: FZ300.. Pacific Golden-Plover "test" picture

jshen808 wrote:

jlina wrote:

John what made you decide to play with highlights and shadows? I think it's an excellent idea but I'm not sure if I even need to do that on the 1-in sensor?

I am still having trouble blowing out my highlights. I am going to turn that thing off where it changes back to zero on the EV. I can't manage to stay at -1 or - 2/3.

but if I could leave it at zero and just change the highlights that might work.

Let me know what your results are saying?


Hi Jacqueline,

This is a great question!

The idea to try using the "Highlight & Shadow" feature,

is from my experiences in using my Fuji camera settings.

In the Fuji cameras, the "Highlight & Shadow" settings,

is placed along with the Sharpening & Noise Reduction,

so they are not placed separately, as they are together,

which to mean they are integrated & working together.

Also, as I was searching for the best Fuji cam settings,

the recommended settings included the use of "H&S".

And from my experiences with my Fuji cameras using,

the Highlight & Shadow, the pictures results are good,

giving the pictures a more realistic & 3-D like effects.

Also, the Fuji X100F camera I have uses a "DX" sensor,

which is actually some larger than the 1" type sensor.


Hi John , I too use the ht & st and dr% with Fuji cameras, especially the very interesting EXR sensors like my xs1.

my xpro1 and xt10 both benefited from these settings shooting jpeg.

I also used the ht -2 on my fz1000 as it was prone to clipping highlights.

Shots like this really needed it to stop the clouds blowing out.

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