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Regarding a DSLR upgrade, it's my belief that skipping generations of bodies offers some benefits. Thus, while we had both D800 and D800e, we skipped the D810 in favor of the D850.

So does skipping two generations.   How about three?    Sounds like some sort of attempt to inject cost into the equation.

Take cost OUT of the equation.   Would you upgrade then?  Or wait for the following generation?

Watching the rumors about what specifications may be present in the forthcoming D880 or whatever it will be called, for me there doesn't seem to be anything added that would be sufficient benefit to spend the money. YMMV.

As one of those users who has tended to buy the latest D8xx model, I appreciate to changes made to the latest iteration of top-end DSLR's.   I look at it as being able to use a camera that stretches my boundaries and allows me to get shots I otherwise would have missed.   My D810 got me lots of BIF shots and similar that would not have been take were it not for the addition of Group AF.   And while 1 fps increase in speed isn't much, when it amounts to a 20% increase in frame rate, it's noticeable.    And though it took me some time to appreciate it, I can do more with ISO 64 images than I can with ISO 100 images.   Now some of that is because when I can, I do some pretty challenging photography - underwater.    If I were shooting static subjects in good lighting, I'd just use a cell phone.  It's when things get challenging that a new camera can stand head and shoulders above its prior model.   And if I were into video in any way, I'd probably have to be upgrading almost yearly.  (And I might look at mirrorless seriously).

The D810 to D850 transition - quite a big jump there, mainly with autofocus speed and responsiveness.   Here's a simple example of something I coulod do easily with the D850 that wasn't easy at all with the D810 - Roughhead Blennies.

Seems like a simple shot to take.  It wasn't.

In 2018 I was shooting my D810 underwater (Nauticam housing, 105vr, dual strobes).   The divemaster would point out these cute little fish that live in holes the size of a cigarette.   Unfortunately those holes tend to be located in corals that are fairly shallow, and these are areas where you tend to have some pretty good current surge.

So you want to take a shot of one of these fish, and you need to be at about minimum range (about 1 foot) to get a decent image.   The issue is that while you are focusing on the subject, that current surge is moving you back and forth by 3-4 four feet every few seconds.   You aim the camera, current sweeps you directly at the subject, all the way in for just a half-second.  You aim at the subject, hope you have the focus point where you want it (remember, you are in constant motion, including a bit of left-right twisting, then press the shutter release.

With the D810, this technique resulted in 2 well-focused images out of 30 on that day.   That was typically.   With this sort of scenario you take the shot over and over and over, trusting to luck to get a decent shot.

With the D850, I quickly realized that I only needed to make 1 or 2 attempts.  In 30 shots, 29 would be adequately in focus.    That's capability entirely related to the newer technology.

At the same time, even while maintaining dynamic range pretty similar to the D810, you get 45mp instead of 36mp.   That improves a lot of my shots simply because I crop aggressively.  (Hey, if you have only two lenses to use - 105 and 16-35 - you crop a lot.)

So I hear there is a D880 coming.  I'm highly interested, although I'm resigned to the fact that Nikon will change a button somewhere or modestly reshape the body.  Which means I would have to pony up another $3800 for a new dive housing.

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