MW Shot from last week - interested in feedback on processing

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Re: MW Shot from last week - interested in feedback on processing

Jared Willson wrote:

M H S wrote:

I shot this last week.

I used Sequator to stack 7 images for noise reduction, then blended with a blue-hour shot for the foreground. The tree was (obviously) the trickiest part of the blend.

I don't do much of this kind of shooting/processing, so I would be interested in critique (mostly of the processing - but composition critique welcome too).

The risk when combining a blue hour shot with night shots is always that the result will look fake--like you (obviously) combined daytime and nighttime images. Generally, this happens when people leave the foreground so bright that it simply looks unbalanced compared to the background.

In your case, I think you handled that pretty well. I might darken up the foreground mid-tones just a bit, though you run the risk of the tree going completely to silhouette, which I'm sure you worked hard to avoid.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree this was my big struggle. I tried to do two things - 1) take the blue hour shot when it was still pretty dark, adn 2) darken it a bit in post. I was torn on those bright foreground shrubs. They are a bit bright - but kind of complement the snow as a slightly bright foreground element to go with that naturally bright midground element. I'll darken them and see how I like it.

Also, I think the very bottom of the image might benefit from a slight crop--maybe right up to the bottom of the first bush. That negative space isn't helpful to the image.

Completely agree. I was constraining myself to a standard (4:3) aspect ratio. Not really sure there is any need to do this. If I crop up from the bottom in that ratio I lose too much from the sides. But, now that you mention it, I may have more room on top than I need too - and could maybe go 5:4 ... or lose my OCD and just crop where it needs cropping 

Obviously, I'm being picky, but it's such a nice image to begin with that one can afford to be a little picky on the possible improvements. If your taste is different from mine, no worries. It's an excellent result.

The pickiness is appreciated. I like the shot and am considering printing it reasonably large (which is pretty costly) so I want to make it as "perfect" as I can.

Thanks again for the thoughtful and useful feedback.

- Jared


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