Rethinking focal length conventions

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Phil A Martin wrote:

J A C S wrote:

Now you have to define wide angle and telephoto in mm. Next, you have to explain why the "median" happens to be the diagonal of the sensor.

No I don't, there are many references online which will confirm that the 43mm lens is the ideal standard lens for full frame

There are plenty of references that say it is standard; less claim that it is ideal. None of them confirms it; the most they can do is confirm that they think so.

but if you want to be a contrarian, it is up to you to prove why all these numerous sources are wrong and why you as an individual are right.

There are plenty of sources - some referred to in this thread - saying that standard/normal is anything from 40 to 60mm FF equivalent. If you think that 43mm is somehow special in that range it's incumbent on you to explain why. It isn't JACS, or anyone else here as an individual: it's a large number of people.

People used to think - and state categorically - that the sun moved round the Earth. But simply saying so repeatedly didn't make it true any more than repeating anything makes it true.

It's very simple, really - if the diagonal really does have special virtue it must be demonstrated somewhere. If it is, show us and we'll be convinced. If it isn't, why should anyone (including you) believe it?

There really is no point me trying to convince you because whatever I say, you'll just disagree, as agreement simply isn't part of your game.

This is simply mistaken. JACS, I and many others much prefer to agree - but only with things that are correct.

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