Is Huawei Mate 40 Pro One Of The Best Camera Phones If Not The Best?

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Re: Is Huawei Mate 40 Pro One Of The Best Camera Phones If Not The Best?

Jostian wrote:

Good to see you back, to answer your question from my side. your 20X vs the Mate 40 Pro or Pro + the UWA on the P40 Pro + is a massive step up IQ wise (nothing out there comes close, I compared it to the S21U and the P40 Pro + is in another league) , tele wise you get more zoom than the P30 Pro but there is definitely some compromises IQ wise (vs the P30 Pro), so vs your 20X you'll get similar IQ but from tele with way longer zoom which is a plus.

On the main lens I think you see a difference but not much in daylight, at night you'll see 20% improvement IQ wise I'd guess. I preferred the Mate 20 Pro to my P30 Pro for main lens anyhow, so I think the Mate 20X can still hold its own but vs the P40 Pro (+) there will be an improvement.

I recently bought the S21 Ultra to play with and its IQ is really good, still a bit to processed in terms of contrast and saturation, but way better than it used to be (Samsung moving in the right direction there).

I miss jpeg directly from RAW in Pro mode that you get from all lenses on Huawei, but the 10X optical zoom on the S21U dare I say is better (marginal but was a surprise to me) than the P40 Pro + see here but the fact you cannot shoot RAW with the S21U tele lens is a limitation. See 2 shots below taken from same spot (auto mode), main camera and then 10X optical, brings nice versatility and IQ from the 10x lens is better than I thought it would be.

I would say that its a worthwhile upgrade to go to the P40 Pro + as long as you are happy not to have GMS support.

Thanks for the response which was much appreciated. To keep it short, I presume the quality of camera in the Mate 40 Pro or Pro+ is comparable to the Pro 40+. I see you recommend the P40 Pro+, and I assume the performance of the Mate 40 Pro or Pro+ would be almost the same as the P40 Pro+ if not better.

The two images above are presumably from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra? They surely look fine in everything from clarity, sharpness and natural colors.

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