Sigma fp L camera reveal next week

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Re: What the "L" is for ...

SigmaChrome wrote:

sev7en wrote:


just my curiosity... why the fp isn't used by photographers?

That's a pretty large assumption and probably won't go down well with the photographers who do use the fp, like Lea Tippet and Marco Dadone.

Many online are with the sd but not the fp!

It really depends on how hard you look. You may find that there are more than you think as Sigma camera users probably shoot with SD, sd, DP and dp cameras as well.

I am wondering if that camera is just a step back of Sigma... or not a good deal.

I don't know about Marco, but Lea is a Sigma ambassador, so you would expect him to use and champion Sigma's latest products.

For me, the problem with the fp, is it is not designed primarily as a stills camera. And if you're not  videographer, why would you pay the premium price and put up with the inconveniences of a camera aimed more at video?  Within L mount, the S5 seems a better fit for the stills photographer (as well as being a neat video camera to boot).

I still see the fp as a pricey, interesting, video camera that can also shoot stills. A bit of a niche product, but hopefully one that has long, specialised, production.

Perhaps Don can explain why he opted for the fp for stills?

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