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Re: From D800E user need advice

Parry Johnson wrote:

Another thing to consider is lenses. When I upgraded from a D300/D300s to the D800, I spent another $5000 in new lenses (and another $2000 in computers and software). That was a big difference; and although the step isn't as great to the 46MP D850, if you still haven't upgraded older lenses then you will need to do that for sure.

I'm sure you were aware that the DX lenses you used with your D300 are compatible with your D800, although crops to DX format by default.  While you could disable the Auto-DX and shoot in FX format with your DX lenses, you elected to buy FX lenses.  Since D800 and D850 are both FX bodies,  all the FX lenses you have for your D800 are 100% compatible with the D850,  and possible the successor to D850.
As for your computer hardware and software,  it depends on what you had before acquiring the D800.
More often than not,  many individuals overlooked or ignored the possibility of increasing the RAM and / or avoid running too many multiple apps in the background.  Sometime,  clearing the cache is a quick remedy to slow computer.
Sadly, some computers older than 10 years cannot take the newer (latest) Operating System required by the latest updates to the photo editors.  That is a bummer that forces computer hardware upgrade. 
I was forced to abandon my Nikon Capture NX-2 when it became incompatible with the OS upgrade to my Apple Mac. But that is another issue separate from the OP's objective.

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