Rethinking focal length conventions

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I have a 35, a 40 and a 50mm prime

I use them for different things. The RF 35 is sharp, has IS and is a macro. I use it for landscapes, flowers and general purpose "almost" wide angle. The EF 40mm pancake is tiny, even with the RF adapter it is the smallest lens I have. It takes punchy, sharp pictures and the 2.8 aperture has never been a problem. My EF 50mm 1.4 is my low light lens. If I am somewhere where I can't use a flash and there is low light, I shoot with that.

Generally, I usually end up cropping anyway, so the focal length, per se, is less important than the specific reasons I am using the lens in the first place. Here is an example:

Shot with my 50 1.4 @ 1.4 in a super dark roller rink. A picture of my son, along with a screen shot showing how much I cropped it, then a FF uncropped photo of his mother while he was handing her his skates.

Focal length to me is not the determining factor, per se. The quality of the photo the lens produces is.

My son, showing the FF of the picture

My son, in the cropped photo

50mm uncropped

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