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Harry799 wrote:

I am still happy with D800E result

While I certainly can't speak to anyone's personal situation other than my own, I would suggest that your above comment makes it difficult to establish a valid need for an upgrade.

In my view, an upgrade should either:

1. address some clearly identifiable shortcoming in current equipment or provide some sort of clearly identifiable added capability


2. you just want to buy the damn thing

As I find myself falling into 2 much more often than 1, do as I say, not as I do.

On the other hand, if you just enjoy having the newest shiny object (I certainly do), then by all means do so.

I would suggest that a thorough investigation of mirrorless is called for. Many, myself included, simply don't like EVF. I have a body with one, a Hasselblad X1D II, and I put up with it because otherwise the camera works for me, but at the very least go to a Best Buy or someplace and play with one before selecting mirrorless.

Regarding a DSLR upgrade, it's my belief that skipping generations of bodies offers some benefits. Thus, while we had both D800 and D800e, we skipped the D810 in favor of the D850.

Watching the rumors about what specifications may be present in the forthcoming D880 or whatever it will be called, for me there doesn't seem to be anything added that would be sufficient benefit to spend the money. YMMV.

Also, it might not hurt to investigate Fuji MF.

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