Sigma fp L camera reveal next week

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sev7en wrote:


just my curiosity... why the fp isn't used by photographers? Many online are with the sd but not the fp!

I am wondering if that camera is just a step back of Sigma... or not a good deal.

It may be a step too far forward, Leaving out the shutter was a big gamble. The sensor readout is slow, so although flash as the dominant light works fine, you can't  use fill in flash on a sunny day.

Sigma should perhaps have waited until a sensor was available that allowed a sync time of around 1/200 sec rather than 1/30 .

Also, serious photographers wanted an EVF. The loupe gives a superb view and uses no battery  power, but there's no way to demonstrate on line what a viewfinder looks like. That needs camera shops, and there aren't any camera shops now.

They made too much of the small size. Many photographers would see that as a bad point, not a good one. There are regular complaints on these forums that mirrorless cameras are too small, at least for those with big beefy hands, of whom there seem to be many in the USA. In practice, when you add the loupe and a good grip, it's quite a large camera, more like a medium format film camera.

And lastly, many people have been sold on the idea that IBIS is essential.


I find it to be a very good camera, especially for use with manual focus lenses. It's made to a very high standard, and it's full of good ideas.

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