What did you shoot or post-process? (Mar 20 - Mar 26)

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Re: What did you shoot or post-process? (Mar 20 - Mar 26)

Well everything from a massive explosion to a suicidal man, about to jump off a bridge. Thank God both ended positively. Two people died unfortunately in the explosion, but it’s a miracle many more did not die. I walked the surrounding area and windows were blown out, parts of houses collapsed up to 3-4 blocks away. Tons of fireworks, ammunition and possibly grenades exploded after a fire caused them to detonate and expend. Wish I had a more cheerful week, but it was it is. I shoot whatever comes my way, and as photojournalist that’s usually the ugly. Thankfully I have my wildlife photography to cheer me up! So I’ll include a Great Blue Heron, I got within 9ft of, my 500FL couldn’t quite focus I was a tad too close lol!

A couple runs full speed to check on the well-being of loved ones, who were inside the few blocks that were rocked by a massive explosion in Ontario, C.A. Two people died, but it was a miracle that more did not and thankfully Police and Fire were able to evacuate residents as explosions continued for hours after the initial massive blast.

Police and Fire went house to house, block to block checking on people and evacuating the area.

A horse who was freed by firefighters was injured in a massive explosion in Ontario, CA. The owners of the horse had to give up ownership to Animal Control and were questioned in relationship to animal neglect. They casually walked around the neighborhood taking videos and pictures while their horse needed care. Thankfully the horse seems to be mostly ok and will survive!

A suicidal man stands clutching the railing of an overpass, as Police negotiators try to talk him down. After a few hours he was able to talk to a loved one and Police agreed to allow him to see that woman if he came back over to them. Thankfully he did and they kept their word, the man was able to embrace and talk to his loved one. Nikon D5 and 500mm f/4E VR FL.

Orange County Fire’s elite Urban Search and Rescue team rushed to setup giant airbags below where the man was threatening to jump. OCFA’s USAR is one of if not the best in the world. They are often asked to respond crisis and disasters around the USA and abroad. Thankfully these bags were not needed, but it was great they were there.

Thankfully the man finally decided to give up and come back over where he was quickly embraced by Police negotiators, who also allowed him to see a loved one. Excellent work by everyone involved and thankfully it ended well. A reminder that someone always has it worse than you or I do. Nikon D5 and 500mm f/4 VR FL.

Was literally too close to this Great Blue Heron for my 500FL to focus. I was able to manually focus and got the shot along with a bunch more, but it was amazing to get so close. Thankfully where I live the birds are very used to being around people. Some of the fishermen feed them, so they don’t mind.

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