Sigma fp L camera reveal next week

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Re: What the "L" is for ...

xpatUSA wrote:

Jozef M wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

FDecker wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

marks123 wrote:

There's something not quite right about that last image. I think they might be fakes.

What do you mean? To me it looks OK and fits to the fp body connectors.

LOL. grabs buttered popcorn and a 64-oz Coke and settles back in anticipation ...

Do you really think that such a reaction makes you sympathetic?
That this contributes to a healthy honest discussion?

Sigh ... Show some respect, please ...


I take your point, Jozef - but it looks like you missed the "joking" smiley at the end of the sentence. Without that smiley, it would have indeed been provocatively sarcastic.

I am always amused when a claim is immediately followed by an opposite assertion.

Ted, I think this is not an opposite assertion. That would be: no, everything is right with that image. Instead, I ask what he means, adding that I can‘t see something wrong.

But anyway, I know you don‘t mean it bad...

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