Sigma fp L camera reveal next week

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Re: What the "L" is for ...

It looks like there is an additional adapter-section for the HDMI and USB-C port fitted on the EVF. The materials are not the same as on the EVF.

Likely to make it backwards compatible with the current fp. If you look at the frontimage there is no way the EVF with this section can fit that snug with the new fp L. The section with the ports protrudes to much to the rest of the EVF, which has the actual curved ends to fit the fp-L, as can be seen in de frontimage.

Probably Sigma could have altered the innerts of the fp-L on this side?

There is also something strange with the, what looks like a, sliding latch for the HDMI-port on the EVF. It can't slide, because there is no room for it above, because of the USB-port door. So is it just a rubber cover?

Beware!! Only guessing....

We will have the answer Tuesday, no doubt...

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