Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

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Re: Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

A, Rendering is so subjective ask a thousand people and get lots of different answers

B. Magical rendering, 3-d micro pop, micro contrast pop, fairy pixels and unicorn rendering etc are things more to do with subject, light, field of view and distance to and between subject and background in this good light

C. If you see it you see it

I did a little experiment. When I saw medium format reviews I saw this magical MF 3-d look in the sample gallery photos!

Wow right!?

Then I decided to open up tabs from sample photos in reviews of m43, apsc, ff and MF cameras and let myself not read which were which.

All good photos from ALL formats and lenses had the magical medium format micro contrast magical 3-d pop look and non good photos in drab light from all formats and different lenses did not.

Go to the GFX or Leica forum and you can prove these magical looks or rendering completely wrong by seeing bad photos taken with excellent gear. Now I am not saying all the photos in those forums are bad, but some are and this blows away the medium format look theory or Leica micro contrast 3-d pop look etc....

A lot of people invest in better gear and then their photography comes better due to the emotional and financial commitment they have made to 'do better.'

I've seen this in my own photos when I bought an F2.8 zoom and was amazed at how better the photos were than the kit lens. Then later years later looked back and realised the kit lens photos were just as good a lot of the time (not blown up at 100% or over and really peeping and poking for differences of course.)

Or not.

What do I know


As an aside - I do respect that for example the 35mm F1,4 will render less contrasty SOOC than the F2's and of course the bokeh will be different, less contrasty and a different rendering indeed.

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