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tko wrote:

You're thinking you need a 40 mm instead of 35 mm? Of what importance is this? How did you get this conclusion? How would a 85/80 = 6% difference in FL rock your world? I don't get this at all. It would seem like you think your numbers are better since they are "more rounded off," and you want lens manufacturers to come up with new products where the focal lengths are "prettier."

Lol in what way did I ever indicate that this would rock my world as you say!? All I am doing here is rethinking the current popular focal length conventions, exactly what I said. Since many people seem to believe that something around 40 mm would be the perfect focal length, and for primes the ideal strategy is to double your focal length in steps, I just thought this would be a fun conversation. I'm not saying I want manufacturers to do exactly what I say and change the entire industry, as you are accusing me of. Just creating conversation for fun.

On the other hand, I would love something in the middle of the big hole between 135mm and 200mm in a prime lens, maybe an f2.0 or thereabouts.

All of this being said, after a recent conversation with some other photographer friends, we came to the idea that our ideal kit actually doesn't really exist. This kit would consist of f1.4 primes of 20mm, 40mm, 80mm and 160mm. We were suddenly questioning the odd focal lengths that prime lens convention has settled on; 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, etc...

Sure, I’d be in total agreement with stellar set of F2.0 prime optics….whichever manuf….that’s not happening (ha, I even mentioned this some years back). My attitude has been (for years) 24mm, 50, 105 and for good measure I’d plunk Voightlander 35/1.2 or some other 30mm and 180/2.8 into all of this. Popular ? Folks happen to have different taste and styles.

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