How does the Z7 II hold up in terms of high ISO performance?

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Re: How does the Z7 II hold up in terms of high ISO performance?

MrHollywood wrote:

And....getting back to Earth...

In most cases the Z7II is a more versatile camera due to the sensor simply opening up more versatility across the board. If you know what you're doing, there will be very little difference at higher ISO's for a MAJORITY of applications.

But the Z7II sensor's other strengths vastly outstrip the Z6. As good as the Z6 sensor is, that special magic that we see with some sensors is very much in the Z7 arena. Same goes for the D850, which uses the same sensor.

YES, the Z6II sensor will have an edge in a few niche applications, but overall there's a reason why the Z7II is the higher end tool.


Can we get into some of those reasons? It's shows more detail, which is great in some scenarios and has a base ISO of 64, so you'll get cleaner, more detailed images if you're shooting outside.

Those are the advantages as I understand them. They have the same AF, the Z6 II is the superior video camera and a better performer at high ISOs (to a degree I'm still trying to ascertain).

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