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Re: Multi-row Milky Way Panorama - Shooting Workflow

Alright, I have finally processed that first panorama. It's funny how low motivation sinks to get post processing started when being aware the source files are suboptimal

Voigtlander Apo 50mm F2.0 / Sky: ISO 800 F2.0 30s, Foreground: ISO  400 F4.0 120s

Sky is a 3x3 mosaic with 3 shots per panel - stacked in Sequator. Foreground is 1x3 stacked in PS. All in landscape. Some processing and blending in PS.

As mentioned, there were many issues in the field, like the tracker stopping, control focus not possible and clouds, which all reflect in the final image. Leaving these aside though, I was mainly wondering why Rho Ophiuci is far less colorful than I wanted it to be. I'm sure the lens is good enough to catch the different color details. Is this mostly just down to postprocessing, or would clouds, light pollution, atmosphere also have played a role in this case?

Or, should I have used slightly different settings? For my single exposures last year I would typically shoot 18mm ISO 800 80s F2.8. Would a slight increase of exposure time here (40-50s) make any difference at all? I wonder how much longer I could extend it before getting too many issues with stitching.

What I also realized is that these images are low on noise straight out of the camera. So I am considering to drop sky stacking which could also speed up the whole process a bit more (or allow longer exposure times). The other benefit of stacking - getting rid of satellites etc. - is nice to have but personally I feel I prefer to have more flexibility with the gained time.

Anyway, as some have already pointed out of course just doing these with a ballhead is insufficient, so I am not expecting great results. Ordered a cheap pan/tilt pano head for the next shooting, but the real game maybe just starts when the Benro Polaris will be shipped - which is another 4 months minimum *sigh*.

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