Dying Lumix S-1

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Re: Dying Lumix S-1

Hi Don

Thanks for the feedback. That makes sense but it's not acceptable. Why should the people who take a leap of faith based on info put out there by the manufacturer on a new product have to pay to be part of r+d. I just paid $800 on top of the purchase price to fix something that may well be a design flaw? I was totally up front with the repair tech about how I was using the camera. I asked him to tell me if I was doing something the camera wasn't meant to do. He just shrugged his shoulders.  In any case I'm taking it up with Panasonic. My first question is is this camera not up to 2 hours straight of video shooting? If not I'll know to move on. If it should be then why did it fail and why did I have to pay for the repair? More than anything I want to be able to use a camera without worrying that it will fail, escpecially while live streaming.

I hope I don't have to move on  to another camera. I'm really liking the S1. Maybe the S1H is the way to go but the price tag is a stretch. There is a lot to choose from in that range these days.

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