The good, the bad, and the ugly (and the amazing!) - my P40 Pro camera experience

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Re: The good, the bad, and the ugly (and the amazing!) - my P40 Pro camera experience

Droo wrote:

The UW camera on the P40 Pro is a lost cause.

Unfortunately this seems to be the case.

There's such a dearth of genuine quality reviews of smartphone cameras. I didn't think I could go too wrong after reading on GSM Arena that "...the 10MP ultrawide photos are simply class leading. The resolved detail is extraordinary...", and on DXOMark "..P40 Pro’s ultra-wide camera offers the best image quality we have seen on an ultra-wide...", so you can imagine my shock to find it's such a dud!

The P30 Pro's 20 MP UW cam is way better in RAW, it is quite noisy (which is why the OOC JPGs suck, heavy noise suppression), but if you process them yourself, they are great. And it can do macro.

With RAW though you do lose the benefits of computational photography - in particular dynamic range. I was just trying it to see if I could make more of the ultra-wide camera, but it doesn't really help.

Luckily the main camera is 23 mm and greatly reduces the need for UW.

It's annoying that Huawei have made it so difficult to get to 23mm though - from the 1x zoom (27mm) pinch to zoom out to the point just before you hit the ultra-wide lens.

My advice on DNGs for the P40 Pro is to use RawTherapee. Snapseed can also handle the RYYB filters, but it can't do noise suppression. And RawTherapee lets you mitigate the quad bayer remosaicing artifacts.

I was only trying RAW to see if I could salvage the terrible ultra-wide images, but the DNG's are not the full 40MP images that the sensor captures - they are only 10MP, like the JPG's. So the DNG's don't really help at all with the ultra-wide, which is a great shame.

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