100-300mm or 100-400mm?

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Re: 100-300mm or 100-400mm?

mpiukantin wrote:

I am interested in buying one of these two lenses for wildlife shooting, especially bird shooting.


IMO it's not only about the price and the 100mm difference. It's also a significant jump in size and weight. The original 100-300 was the second lens I bought for MFT and I've been quite happy with it. It's not a exceptional lens, but it had really good price/performance when I bought it.

For me though, the 100-400 was still a fairly obvious "upgrade". I needed the extra reach (I'd like even more), and the tripod mount was also a plus to me. I believe you can get a tripod collar for the 100-300 from a third party though if you go for the 100-300 (and need that).

The 100-400 has better build quality too, but the 100-300 was OK for me. I'd almost wish for the 100-300 build quality on the 100-400 if I could choose and save some weight, but that's of course not possible. The Panasonic 100-400 is actually small and light for a 100-400 lens, but it's still significantly larger than the 100-300 and more of a hassle to bring along.

It's difficult to say what's right for you, but hope my comments are somewhat helpful. Personally I never get too much reach, but going over 300mm certainly have some drawbacks too.

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