What went wrong with these images?

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Re: What went wrong with these images?

Evil Nemesis wrote:

thanks, Sir that's what I thought, how can I go f22 without using extra lights even in sunshine and how can I get less dof? as the light meter was telling me to open up aperture to 2.0.

You can use a much higher ISO setting, and then reduce the noise in Neat Image. (Save raw files of course.) Try ISO 3200.

But most people use a flash with a home made diffuser for this kind of work.

heres the video of same:


Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

F/2 is probably way too wide open for macro photography (I usually use something like f/22) and it does appear that the depth of field is extremely narrow.

However, there is something else going on. It looks like the lens might be fogged, like condensation, which usually happens when going from a cold place to a warm, humid place. Or it could even be condensation on the sensor.

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