If the Z8 performs how you imagine, will you buy another camera?

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Re: If the Z8 performs how you imagine, will you buy another camera?

NickZ2016 wrote:

Many D8xx users would have said they had most everything they wanted already. Doesn't mean down the line something better or different isn't possible.

It's not a question of what I can imagine but what Nikon and the competition can imagine.

I think there's a cap on what will get people to buy new cameras. I think a D850, for example, is basically the pinnacle of DSLR technology. Particularly on the photo end of things.

I don't think there's infinite possibility when it comes to capturing stills. Or at least, things that would get someone to buy a new one every so often. Basically, the Sony A1 is the pinnacle of cameras. It's more than anyone will ever need for a job. 8K video, good IBIS, fast readout, high resolution stills, insane tracking and eye AF.  Where do you really go from there?

There are a lot of pros that still roll with the D850 and for stills, it does the job just fine. I just wonder if a mirrorless D850 would have people in a similar boat. Like, Canon obviously crippled the R5's video capabilities for this exact reason.

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