Rethinking focal length conventions

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Re: Rethinking focal length conventions

f1point4andbethere wrote:

mcslsk wrote:

Wow. Intersting. You have a link to your portfolio? Would love to take a look at some images. Never worked for me. Group images, two, three people, never lined up quite in the same pane of focus. 35mm @f1.4 has what, 6cm DoF @1m, and 26cm DoF at @2m subject distance?

Absolutely, it's

I'm one of the co owners, and until the pandemic hit, we had a roster of about 12 photographers. Of the 5 primary photographers, we all shoot with Sigma lenses on Sony bodies, and almost always wide-open.

For group shots wide open, that's where the Sigma 35 1.2 has a distinct advantage over the smaller 1.4; less field curvature. I always look at where people's feet are planted as a reference to gauge their distance from me. It takes practice, but it's worth it.

Wonderful images, in particular the B&W. You have mostly the couple, or particular people in focus. That tells a story and is really cool. I am trying to catch two or more people in a shot and unless they by chance align, I need a bit more DoF to get them all in focus.

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