M1 Mac Mini (16GB, 1TB) with 43" 4K HDR Samsung TV in scaled mode

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Re: M1 Mac Mini (16GB, 1TB) with 43" 4K HDR Samsung TV in scaled mode

TheFall71 wrote:

How did you show the 'Larger text' option in scaled? I thought it was only showing in monitor. I've hooked up my M1 Mac mini on 32" & 24" 1080p Toshiba TV and it's only showing the resolution option in scaled. Scaled down to 720p since the text is very small and difficult to read with viewing distance 5,2ft. I was going to buy 4K Sony TV maybe X900H and afraid the Larger Text option is unavailable too on this Sony TV. If text size is very small on 1080p 32" TV then how small is it in 4K TV if Larger Text option unavailable.

Do the larger text options just show bigger text or make the resolution smaller than 4K?

If it's just changing the resolution you can get more resolution options in big sur by hitting the mac option key while hitting the resolution menu:


Also I've read that using a USB-C to HDMI connection to a TV will give you more resolution options than just a straight HDMI cable (I'm just using USB-C to HDMI with my M1/4k TV, I need to switch to an HDMI cable to see if this is true).

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