RX-100 vii versus new cell phone?

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Re: RX-100 vii versus new cell phone?

Rambow wrote:

A new rx100 will always beat a new phone, unless the phone has the same hardware, which it doesn't.

First off, the lens on the camera is way more complex and better than what a slim phone can offer. Then there is the sensor, then the zoom.

Also important is the fact modern phones produce overprocessed, weird looking images. Clever software can only get you so far.

That being said, i feel OP will be more pleased with a phone, just because it's always there.

When i don't have my rx nearby, i definitely use my phone.... unless i can't find it.

I'm fully agree with Rambow, this is what I wanted to say :). I just add this: I take photos with a real camera since 1979, and for me I don't enjoy to take photos with a phone, it doesn't fit my hands, which are made for a camera lol

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