The good, the bad, and the ugly (and the amazing!) - my P40 Pro camera experience

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Re: The good, the bad, and the ugly (and the amazing!) - my P40 Pro camera experience

Drzewoid wrote:

Definitely 5x zoom photos could be better, i miss 3x zoom from Mate 30 PRO, but proably there is no better phone right now with 5x zoom and finally You can use RAW and results are much better. I recomment RAWThrerapee for developing RAW files form Huawei.

I've been trying out RAW Therapee to see if I can get more natural shots with the ultra-wide camera with a Profile I found in this post , but I don't think it gets me any further ahead.

P40 Pro 18mm JPG vs DNG processed in RAW Therapee

The DNG looks more natural but lacking details, and as soon as you try to sharpen it introduces artifacts. This is exactly what Huawei are doing with the JPG - over-sharpening to increase apparent detail, but introducing a lot of artifacts in the process.

It's a shame we can't access the full 40MP ultra-wide images shooting RAW. Obviously they would look poor at 100%, but it would be good to have the opportunity to process the full-sized images before downsizing to try and reduce the artifacts.

I'm thinking of selling the P40 Pro and just sticking with a real camera, but for the times that I don't have my camera on me I guess I'm not going to get much better from a smartphone. I'm probably expecting a bit much from a phone.

If you have any advice on processing the DNG files I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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