Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

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Re: Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

Back then there wasnt tech to make FF and electronics that small. I think today it actually can be finally done, cause some cameras have "everything on chip", even FF ones.

Dont know if they got bare CCD and used own CFA (back then that wasnt as unrealistic as today) or Kodak just whipped something that reasonably fit specs they gave them.

But basically nothing apart Kodak own cameras and early Leicas have "Kodak color". and that magical CFA of theirs. Leica DMR was even tweaked on their request to resemble Ektachrome if I remember right. M8 was probably sorta left-over from DMR which didnt sell that great.

Given age, DMR was sorta achievement I think, only reasonable large digital back for analog camera (which still can be used as analog camera, if DMR is removed). Plus that DMR combo is sorta hand-holdable and possible to use in rather regular way.

DMR had optional AA filter and removable IR if I remember right. Same as Kodak own digital backs for 645. Sensor stacks back then wasnt that much "stacks" as today, when they are basically near impossible to pull apart.

There is also possibility that CFA was really Kodak, just much cheaper and only to fit some basic color separation specs made by Olympus/Pentax. Pentax for sure has own idea about colors and pretty much all of their cameras seems to have nearly same or similar CFA. Even fairly old ones. Difference between 645D and 645Z seems to be mostly just CCD vs CMOS, not that much about CFA.

Given Ricoh can make own sensors (or at least could) its not unrealistic that they could either design and let someone else make CFA for them or they could make it themselves (which would probably also made sensors for them a lot cheaper to buy, since CFA is definitely not cheap part of stack).

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