Calibrated printer profile is excellent -except for the deepest shadows.

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Re: Calibrated printer profile is excellent -except for the deepest shadows.

Vogelkop wrote:

Hello clever people
I am using a ColorMunki Photo to calibrate both my screen and printers.
I just went through paper profiling for two different paper types and it really does improve a lot on both! Colors and contrasts are way better than using the 'built in' ICC profiles.

So.. All is good. Almost.
At a closer look I realize that the grayscale in the testprint has lost a lot of detail in the shadow that was visible using the uncalibrated ICC profile.
I have tried to search online for this problem, but all answers seem to be answered with: Lower the brightness on your monitor!

But I am not comparing the print to my edits on the monitor. I am using a test print after going through a complete calibration of the printer..

Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve this?
Of course it could technically be the ColorMunki that is not up to the task, but I have a feeling that it is doing what it should be doing.. hmm..

If you softproof the printed test image with the custom profile does it show the shadows as printed or different? If it shows it as printed you are ok.

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