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Re: FZ300.. Pacific Golden-Plover "test" picture

Labe wrote:

jshen808 wrote:

This is just a "test" picture taken today.

Not to expect great results right away.


Did some test with using the Hoya HD3 UV lens filter,

and found using the "bare" lens is some better,

so I'm not going to use Hoya lens filter.


The settings used for the below picture.

Standard, Contrast (+0), Sharpening (-5), Noise Reduction (-5), Saturation (+0)

Highlight (-2) and Shadow (+2)

iResolution (Low)

Diffraction Compensation (Auto)

Aperture Priority mode

Fixed ISO 200

Metering mode (Multi), [should have tried using Center-weighted & using +0.33EV]

Bare lens


Today was overcast cloudy day with drizzling rain.

Good thing the FZ300 (FZ330) is weather resistant.

#1. Pacific Golden-Plover...

FZ300, ooc jpg



Jon be real careful using shadow +2 as that’s why to under belly plumage is too dark and you can’t clearly see the birds eye . ( to much contrast in shadows)


Hi Paul,

Thanks very much for commenting!

Yes, that's what I had thought at first,

that the "Shadow +2" equals darker,

but it's actually the very opposite.

The "Shadow +2" lightens the shadows,

while "Shadow -2" darkens the shadows.

And the "Highlight -2" darken the highlights,

while the "Highlight +2" brighten the highlights.

So this is the reason for "Shadow +2" & "Highlight -2",

this is so to lighten the shadows & protects the highlights.


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Cheers, John
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