Sigma fp L camera reveal next week

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Re: Sigma fp L camera reveal next week

D Cox wrote:

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D Cox wrote:

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fp L camera images leaked:

Strange ...

But promising with the same form factor, at least some of the new accessories should fit the original model too.

Comparing the pictures with the sockets on my fp, everything lines up.

There is access at the bottom for the remote control cable. And if you look closely, you can see that the EVF is hinged so it can tilt.

I would like the EVF, but I just ordered a lens so it will have to wait.


Having used cameras with both external optical and EVF viewfinders, I don't really find them satisfactory compared to a proper built in VF. It's always an awkward carbuncle. This is a camera whose USP is its size for a full frame camera. With the external EVF, it goes from being a tiny camera to a much bigger and more awkward camera. Along with its other irritations as a stills orientated camera. I would think the S5 is a far superior package.

You should make sure you get an opportunity to try out the EVF before buying and make sure it works for you first. You might decide you'd be better off selling your fp and going for a S5 if you must have an EVF.

I'll probably stay with the loupe, which works very well indeed. I'm not bothered about the "smallest camera" slogan.

But tilting would be nice.


I like the approach very much. If the EVF is of good quality it perfectly fits the fp paradigm of modularity. I use the fp and like it very much. Interestingly, I get along with the external LCD very well even though I always thought that I need a VF to better concentrate on the composition. But in some cases, I see more of my face mirrored on the LCD than the scene I want to capture. So, I am extremely happy to be able to add the EVF to the camera. And, importantly, only whenever I want. If I need it small, I detach it and done.

I definitely want it. And I am very interested to see what the sensor can deliver. The image quality of the fp is very good with very good colors. Still, I would so much want an FF 1:1:1 Foveon. But let‘s see what the new sensor brings to the table.

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