Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

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Re: Two DSLR with a Kodak CCD sensor

Not that much "Kodak" CCDs. I mean, CCD itself is made by them, but color array is not. Olympus one on first glance has issue with green/blue channel, basically looks a lot like original 1Ds (Canon).

645D has much more modern CFA so color separation is okay, still subpar, but okay.

Compared to 645 from Kodak (Pro H or C and so on) they seem colorwise very weak. Same goes for SLR/n vs Kodak made CCDs (but not CFAs).

Magic of Kodak wasnt that much about sensor itself, but about CFA and very specific tweaking of CFA which no manufacturer today even attempts.

CCD or CMOS didnt actually matter as SLR/n is actually CMOS and still colorwise one of most pleasing to look at (not saying accurate :D).

Leica had Kodak sensors inside too.

M8 and 8.2 is Kodak CFA made for Leica, DMR is similar. Downside is that M8 and M8.2 needs extra IR filter and bit of trick to output 16-bit images like DMR (sensors are otherwise the same .. electronics probably not that much, but who knows, M8 was intentionally crippled for 8bit output, even while internal parts are 16bit).

Not saying that Kodak sensors are bad, but most stuff with those sensors wasnt really Kodak. Best example would be Leica M9 which did have Kodak sensor, but colors are completely different (closer to Fuji Velvia than anything else).

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