New Camera question x-s10 vs x-t4

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Re: New Camera question x-s10 vs x-t4

winstonjdickson wrote:


With the s10, would I eventually feel the need to upgrade it?

Also, I was looking at lenses and I read the the 100-400 lens is great for wildlife/sports. Would it be ridiculous to put that size lens in the s-10?

thanks again

I'm holding this combo in my hand right now. It looks a bit silly, but as long as you hold it correctly, the grip on the X-S10 is really nice with the big lens. I'll probably take the foot off the 100-400 more than I did with the X-H1 though. I got the 70-300 today, but I'm not sure about it right now. Gotta test more, but I'm afraid it's too soft for me to move away from the 100-400 tank.

BTW, don't let anyone tell you the X-S10 is a lower tier camera. I'm moving to it from the X-H1. Aside from faster mechanical frame rate (electronic shutter is a thing) and a better EVF, I find the AF and image quality better with the X-S10. I miss some of the dials and things, and the top display, but considering the rest of my kit, I wanted a smaller body because size is why I moved to Fuji from Nikon years ago. With the X-H1 and other lenses things were just getting too big again. The X-S10 is a fantastic little camera with a lot of the important guts of a X-T4 (if you're a stills shooter). Highly recommend.

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