Canon PRO-1000 firmware 3.020

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Ehhh, what?

Ken60 wrote:

I had a word with a Canon tech and suggested that they put an SD or USB stick port on the printer so that firmware could be updated directly over a fast feed. The thought of the power going down or a miss fire from an internet feed has never sat easily with me .

I don't want to sound harsh, but that Canon tech clearly had no clue what he was talking about.

A few things that come to mind reading your post:

How would one be able to connect a SD or usb stick to the printer?

That would require some sort of OTG (on the go) USB device (and driver), of which the printer isn't capable of. The USB port on the printer is designed to connect to a computer, not some sort of media reader,

No device will ever apply any update straight from the internet. Instead it will download the whole file first, then do a check on the integrity of the downloaded data and then when that is confirmed to be 100% ok, it will apply the update from it's own storage (the Pro 1000 printer has 1GB of RAM). After the update as been applied, the printer again checks the checksum of the applied data against the known MD5 hash. And if that is not 100% ok, it will revert back and not boot from the update.

Also, by thinking like you state in the last part of your post, one is never safe to apply any update ever.


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