Vivitar 28mm MC F2.0, FD mount, radioative? thorium?

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Re: looking for a vintage non radioactive, 30mm/28mm/35mm, f1.4...

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I bought the vivitar 28mm Wide Anlge F2.0, FD mount to use with an adapter on my Samsung cameras.

Does any one knows if this lens is radioactive? There is a kind of yellow reflection on the front glass Or maybe I'm seeing things ...

Thank you

the lens is this one:

Your lens is not listed at:
[A very good starting-point regarding Radioactive Lenses].
For your convenience, I searched the site and copied all the radioactive Vivitar lenses
1. Vivitar Series 1 28mm f1.9
2. Tokina Wide-Auto (also applies to early Vivitar/Soligor auto wide: knurled metal focus ring) 35mm f/2.8 (serial 708205)
3. Vivitar Close Focusing Auto Zoom 75-205mm f/3.8 (early Kiron made version, two-ring zoom, serial 22616531)

The Canon 28mm F2.0 S.S.C. version is here:
All the best,
Tu Vu
"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed." -Mark Twain

Thanks TuVuTu

This video scared me a lot. I was about to buy this lens (seen on this video above)... after I purchase the vivitar one, and then I start thinking... then, I start being afraid like these hypochondriac covidiots we see often, nowadays

I wonder is it possible to know how a certain lens was manufactured? Or at least have a clue, from the year it was manufactured?

For Canon FD lenses, the answer is yes.
For 3rd party FD lenses it's my opinion it's very difficult.
HOWEVER, the radioactivity video you provided above provides a solution:
1. Purchase (borrow) inexpensive, Compact Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector. In video, meter made by SOEKS.
2. Purchase lens with option to return.
3. When lens arrives, use meter prior to opening package; return if radioactive.
4. In summary, assuming meter works AND internal packaging does not contain Lead (LOL?), the above is a sure way to know if purchased lens is radioactive.

I was wondering, my lens says MC, but this ones, the vivitar series 1, say VMC. Which one is older? Are the old ones radioctive? From what era? I can't find the date it was manufactured

Right now I hided my lens on the basement LOL I'm not scared of a common flu virus, used to impose a new world order/dictatorship, but I'm sure scared of radiation, and radioactive things, I saw the movie SK-19: The Widowmaker

By the way, I'm on a quest. That is, to find a wide lens, with manual focus, wide aperture, cheap, and compact... I'm looking for a vintage non radioactive, 30mm/28mm/35mm, f1.4.. I cannot find any. I'm looking for a kind of samyang 35mm, but the samyang is huge, and expensive... I want a wide lens, that allow me to be close to the subject, with the best bokeh... Any suggestion?

Thanks my friend

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"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed." -Mark Twain

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