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billslatteryjr wrote:

Having sold both 20mp D5s more than a year ago I'm now on my 4th and 5th D850 to shoot high school and college sports. What I'm wondering is if Nikon is saying that the Z9, which I will get, will have the auto-focus of a D6, doesn't that mean we can soon expect a new firmware upgrade for the Z7ii to have at least as good auto-focus abilities as the D850? Is the Z7ii's hardware capable of it? Or do you think Nikon will make us wait for sales purposes for some Z850 to get D850 like or better focus acquisition and tracking? Would it be wise to sell 1 of my D850s now while used prices are still high and get a now in stock Z7ii w/FTZ and use it as the less demanding second kit? If the Z7ii would become as good as the D850 auto-focus wise I should be happy for a few years using it alongside a Z9. Every week I wait is another couple+ games gone by where I could have used the extra focus points and the better auto eye detection of a mirrorless. Thing is if the Z7ii never gets D850 auto-focus I'd land up selling it instead of the other D850 to help fund the Z9. So I'd be out $500-$1k more by buying a Z7ii come the Z9. Opinions.

You're probably going to need a Z8 to get to that level of autofocus. I don't think the Z7II is good enough to do sports at the moment. And the Z7 II isn't cheap either. So, I'd just hold onto the D850 for sports and wait for the Z9.

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