How much better do you think Z6/Z7 II autofocus can get via firmware?

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Re: How much better do you think Z6/Z7 II autofocus can get via firmware?

michaeladawson wrote:

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The difference in performance from the original firmware to the new firmware is considerable. Especially when you take into account that it's just a 1.10 and not a 2.0 jump. I feel like there's a lot more implied, but that makes you wonder what the upper bound limits are of the two processors.

I think I've read Thom Hogan (?) state that Nikon is intentionally not utilizing the full power of the dual processors. I think the eye AF is pretty decent, but not great or especially consistent. How good do you think it can get with firmware?

I haven't read the Hogan article but I can't understand why Nikon would do that. Makes no sense.

In terms of additional AF improvements in future FW, I guess it's possible. But i have to imagine Nikon's not holding anything back at this point. I'm guessing what we've got is close to what we're gonna get. I wouldn't sit around expect anything too new in the future. Better idea to go out and take pictures with what we've got

I agree. It makes absolutely no sense for Nikon to intentionally under-utilize dual processors. The only way that would make sense is if Nikon has some big firmware updates in mind that weren’t ready in time for the initial release, and will use the remaining processor capacity.

But I wouldn’t call that intentionally under-utilizing. That just means they have extra processor power that the current firmware isn’t making use of.

When the Z6 launched there was no eye AF. And then it got much better as time went on. From the introduction to the 3.0 update, it underwent significant changes.

It's not currently unusable in the Z6/Z7 II, it's pretty good. I just want to know how much it can further be refined. I definitely don't think the capabilities of the camera are maxed out at the 1.10 firmware level.

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