DSC-HX99 AF and metering ? HX90V as alternative ?

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Re: DSC-HX99 AF and metering ? HX90V as alternative ?

I have both HX90 and HX99. At wide angle there is a bit difference but it's not big enough to take in account. I like HX99 more because it makes pictures less grainy at high iso, but most of the time you won't see much difference. HX99 the screen is touch but not for the menus, about just for the focus. And HX99 makes videos 4k, cont. shooting 10 im/sec for a total of 155 images instead of 10 on the HX90...etc...

So if you don't need these upgrades of the HX99, just go for the HX90

(I never had problem of focus and metering with the HX90, and the HX99 I have it since one month and it works great )

(HX95: I don't know, I don't have this one )

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