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Jarrell Conley
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Ping, I can't even decide what I

want to do..

It really is a hard call for anyone to make because everybodys situation is different, financially and otherwise. You're about to start college I believe? A dslr body and lenses (assuming you don't have them already) are going to set you back a pretty penny. But... you see... that's the problem. We don't know! $2,500 to $3,000 may not be that much to you. I also do model railroading and I've seen guys plop down $1,500 for a locomotive. Not the whole train.. just the locomotive. I wish! What I'm getting at here is that much money for a single item is well within their means and budget.

I tend to agree with Uncle Frank also. Learning lighting and compostion and all the other stuff is more valuable than any single camera. I know I'd wait and see what Nikons answer to the Sony 828 is going to be.

Well, that wasn't much help I know. Like I said, I can't even make up my own mind what to buy, but I'm getting better at it..

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