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The MSM is limited to -5 deg C ... Mmmmh, I just started to test the MSM as a light alternative to my Vixen Polarie. I will look into the temperature issue as -5 deg C isn't that cold for astro. BTW: I found that the MSM laser pointer is also very temperature sensitive.

Didn't know you also have the MSM tracker. Yes, -5 °C according to manual. Normally, such values are rather conservative and there should be more tolerance. But it is a low-end entry level tracker, so maybe not too surprising. I might consider upgrading the tracker sometime in the future, but lets first see how good the Benro Polaris can track. Regarding laser pointer of the MSM: I never had any issues with it, but if it is that sensitive it is certainly best to keep it warm in a pocket.

As mentioned: Switching the tracker off has no implications for the tracking accuracy. But some trackers need a little bit of time before the gear is under tension again. My experience with the MSM is that it tracks well within a very short time (< 15 sec) while the Vixen Polarie needs 0.5-1 minute.

That's good to know. 15 sec is tolerable. But anyway, apparently having the tracker off for several minutes while doing foreground shouldn't be an issue, as long as composition does not change.

Cold at night? That's a common issue and you have to find the best solution for yourself. Ask the colleagues from Canada how they handle it Try the layer principle as that is cheap with existing stuff.

And here I was convinced nights do not get that cold and if so - my place will be the coldest on earth

Yes, obviously -6°C is somewhat 'cute' for Canada, Scandinavia, major parts of the US ... but you always relate to your own surroundings first, and given last season as well as the recent climate here, this was way more on the extreme side. It definitely set a new bar and preparation will look different next time.

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