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Re: Multi-row Milky Way Panorama - Shooting Workflow

Alen K wrote:


Sorry to hear that. Yeah, at those temperatures your fingers can start not to work so well, even with gloves. Maybe better gloves would help but there also those chemical hand warmers. They can get your fingers back to working if they get too cold. They also work for frost (or dew) prevention on lenses if you wrap them around and use a rubber band to secure them. They'll do if you are aren't using an electrical lens warmer. They might also be a good way to keep your tracker from "freezing" up.

Agree. Some warming pads that can also work on the gear in order to keep it from reaching too low temperatures is the way to go.


What counts wrt polar alignment is the length of each individual exposure, not how long the entire session is or how long it his been since you polar aligned. Sure, if the polar alignment is off by a lot your target will drift in the field as time goes by during a session. But you can recenter it as many times as you want. And obviously, if you turned the tracker off for a while, you will need to reacquire the target before you can start exposures again. But you won't usually need to repeat the polar alignment. That said, if you overload a small tracker, then when the weight of the camera and lens shifts a lot (say, from one side of the tracker to the other) it might pull the polar alignment off. When using a large lens you should always use a counterweight kit to avoid that, if offered for that tracker, If not offered, don't use a large lens.

It seems I still had some misconception of a tracker's functionality. Last (my first) MW season, I would constantly polar align again after e.g. switching the tracker off for foreground shots for a while. I did notice there was hardly any movement inbetween, but thought even a minimal movement can already ruin the images. Knowing it is typically not necessary anymore will save me tons of time in the future, so really appreciate the heads up. Basically in a normal night polar alignment would then only need to be repeated if the composition (tripod position) changes.

Regarding lenses, I only have light lenses in my kit and the weight on the tracker is below 50% of its maximum load capacity. This setup worked well through all of last MW season so as long as it does not get too cold it should be ok.

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