Canon EOS R5 8K RAW Questions

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funjp wrote:

Sgt_Strider wrote:

FourSite wrote:

DCI 8K is 8192 x 4320
UHD 8K is 7680 x 4320,
You can crop the DCI to UHD, just know you're going to lose 512pixels either from the top or bottom or a combination of both. As long as you don't frame you shot is a way where you want what's on both the top edge of the frame AND the bottom edge of the frame you should be fine.

Let's pretend I won't be moving the camera. It's on a tripod and already set properly for the framing.

Are there aspect ratio markers? If not, can I frame the shot with 8K UHD since it's 16:9 and then change the recording to 8K RAW? Then I'll just drop the video in a post-processing app, crop to 8K UHD since it's 16:9, and still get the same view as if I had filmed using 8K UHD mode in the camera? I'm assuming the framing and the view will be the same, but obviously I'll get a RAW video file, which is what I want.

When you switch from stills mode to 8K DCI RAW video mode , the top and bottom 572 pixels will be blacked out , won't be shown . The field of view stays the same , but the top and bottom 572 pixels , when compared to a still image , won't be shown in the video file . There are no markers , it's like when you watch those original Hollywood movie files , much wider than 16:9 aspect ratio , there are those black stripes on the top and bottom of your 3:2 aspect ratio rear LCD or viewfinder . 8K RAW DCI is 17:9 aspect ratio , or , is 512 pixels wider than 8K UHD .

I appreciate your explanation, but do you understand what I'm asking? For starters, I'm not asking about stills mode at all.

1. Does 8K UHD have the same field of view as 8K DCI RAW?

2. Let's pretend I won't be moving the camera. It's on a tripod and already set properly for the framing. No panning whatsoever. Can you read the example that I put above again? From my perspective, it seems pretty clear as to what I'm asking. Maybe we're not on the same page. I'll emphasis again as to why I want to do that and that is to obtain an 8K video file, but framed and composed properly for an 8K UHD screen. I don't know how else to ask this. If I have the EOS R5, I would just test this myself rather than asking. I've asked a number of times already in this thread and it doesn't seem like anyone here know the answer.

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