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Sgt_Strider wrote:

FourSite wrote:

DCI 8K is 8192 x 4320
UHD 8K is 7680 x 4320,
You can crop the DCI to UHD, just know you're going to lose 512pixels either from the top or bottom or a combination of both. As long as you don't frame you shot is a way where you want what's on both the top edge of the frame AND the bottom edge of the frame you should be fine.

Let's pretend I won't be moving the camera. It's on a tripod and already set properly for the framing.

Are there aspect ratio markers? If not, can I frame the shot with 8K UHD since it's 16:9 and then change the recording to 8K RAW? Then I'll just drop the video in a post-processing app, crop to 8K UHD since it's 16:9, and still get the same view as if I had filmed using 8K UHD mode in the camera? I'm assuming the framing and the view will be the same, but obviously I'll get a RAW video file, which is what I want.

When you switch from stills mode to 8K DCI RAW video mode , the top and bottom 572 pixels will be blacked out , won't be shown . The field of view stays the same , but the top and bottom 572 pixels , when compared to a still image , won't be shown in the video file . There are no markers , it's like when you watch those original Hollywood movie files , much wider than 16:9 aspect ratio ,  there are those black stripes on the top and bottom of your 3:2 aspect ratio rear LCD or viewfinder . 8K RAW DCI is 17:9 aspect ratio , or , is 512 pixels wider than 8K UHD .

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