Could Apple follow Motorola

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Re: Could Apple follow Motorola

I think the best guess is, no.  They are too smart for that to put it bluntly.   This may be the perfect idea for some,  but for the overwhelming majority,  they see no use for it.  And that goes against what Apple is all about.

Iphone spends millions on trying to sell the idea that their Iphone camera is THAT special.  So why would they confuse their customers into thinking it may not be THAT special.....

Moto mod camera itself was  really ill-conceived.  For example the phone itself, say the Moto Z Force, did 4k video up to 200Mbps 30FPS.   with a 21MP Sony sensor that was RAW capable, also out of the box played nicely with GCAM also with RAW.    The Motorola Moto Camera mod, while it did a reasonable    optical zoom,  it  was 12MP,  mediocre Jpeg only, no raw,  1080p only at low 40mblit  and no third party app capability. .

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