issue long shutter speed smartphones

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Re: issue long shutter speed smartphones

jerrio jazz wrote:


I think long shutter speed on smartphone are actually multiple shots with the averaging technique. Does anyone know why its impossible to do actual longe speeds such as 2 or 4 seconds, 30 seconds, etc?


This does not hold true for all phones.  In fact many phones, even lower cost  non-flagship phones, can do  TRUE long exposure down to 30 seconds, some even longer, in manual modes.  Strangely many expensive  phones cannot do anything past 1/3 second etc..

The silly thing is, many  FLAGSHIP devices  are not able to do this more than 4 to 8 seconds.

Nokia were AFAIK the first to have these features in smartphones like in the 808. nearly 10 years ago.

LG G4 in 2015  out of the box  allowed  true long exposure to 30 seconds, manual, iso and focus.   I recently bought a midrange OnePlus,  does  full manual down to 30 seconds etc etc etc.

Iphone to this day, only the top of the line device allows true long exposure,  all other devices  do not allow manual shutter  past  like 1/3 of a second.   It's really silly.

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