Recomendation for my new camera

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I'd rather see you get a 5700

than a "dumbed-down" dslr like the 300D. But I'm not sure the 5700 is going to be a HUGE improvement over the 4500 except for the zoom. If you can afford a D100 or better, sell a few golf clubs and go for it. If not, the 5700 will be into the 600-700 dollar price range by December, if it's not already. I paid $819 for mine after rebate, and I'm satisfied. It hasn't been perfect, but I haven't been either.

If you want to go pro, you need to buy pro toys. The 5700 will help you learn, but won't help you get a job. You'll be better off buying something that'll get you through college and then some.

I tend to see cameras as being on a 2-3 year cycle. I believe that each new camera should be a BIG improvement over the past one. I bought my Nikon 800 (2 MP, 2x zoom) in March 2000 for $500. I waited till June 2003 to pay $819 for my 5700 (5 MP, 8x zoom). In another 2 years or so I'll probably go with a dslr, provided I can justify the expense.

Ed Prust wrote:

Hai Ping
I realy believe you should look into the 5700. Especialy with new
models lurking in the future, prices should come down
(secondhand/refurbished perhaps). It's a great camera to bridge the
gap between a easier cam and a DSLR. I'm looking to get an DSLR in
the future too but I feel I can (or need to) learn a lot from this
camera yet, before taking the plunge.
Then again I will wait to see the D100 succesor before commiting
(whenever it comes).
And if you do want to wait for an DSLR the 5700 will keep you busy
in the meanwhile.

(keep 'm in the short grass)
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